Who We Are

Welcome to The Muddy Dog!

We're redefining luxury. To us, luxury is filling our lives with the people and objects that mean the most to us, inspiring us to unplug and take pleasure in life's many little moments, connecting and bonding to create precious new memories. 

Whether through a touching handwritten note, a lusciously wrapped present  lovingly gifted from the heart or a rollicking game of cornhole, we heartily believe in digital detoxing to turn off and tune in, moving from high tech to high touch!

You'll find many ways to make things yours, whether creating your own personal crest, wallpaper or phone case, monogramming what will become a favorite mug or designing a snappy cornhole board set to get your guests mixing and mingling!

We hope you'll find a selection of things which bring a smile to your face, reminding you of happy, fun-filled times among family and friends. Our door is always open, so if there's something you'd like us to consider carrying, ideas for new prints and patterns or even constructive criticism, please do let us know.

Coming to visit? Drop us a line at – we're happy to recommend a restaurant, activity, place to see the sunrise or where to get the best lobster roll!

Thanks for stopping by – and remember that "Happiness is always in style!"

The Muddy Dog

P.S. We're often asked how we came by "The Muddy Dog" moniker. Anyone who has lived through a New England spring with their faithful pups (like Holly) happily frolicking along through the woods as the ground from a long, character-building winter comes to life will relate to our company name!




SUSAN DENCH - Founder and Designer

As her family will be only too happy to confirm, Susan's  never afraid to give her opinion if asked (and usually if not asked). Endlessly curious, a Boston Bruins nut, keen car karaoke participant and shameless design enthusiast, she lives on the beautiful coast of Maine with her exceedingly indulgent husband, Bryan, and admittedly spoiled dogs.


 RYLAN OKIE RANKIN - V.P. of Marketing and E-Commerce

Rylan is one of those women everyone looks at enviously wondering how she does it all - and always doing it stylishly! Most weekends she can be found boating or skiing with her wonderful husband, Brooks, and beautiful little toddler, Hadley, who'll be getting a new playmate later this year!



If you see some really fun lifestyle shots on Instagram and/or our website, you'll want to meet the adventurous girl behind the camera! Danielle MacInnes has the best of both worlds, living on the NH Seacoast and summering on Cape Cod. Beside all that she also adores penning handwritten notes. Enough said.