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Nantucket Basket Personalized Flat Notecards


This colorful stationery sports a fresh twist on the classics so you’ll write every note in style!

We do things the old fashioned way, in a print shop which creates paper goods for top event planners all over the U.S. When you pick up this stationery, you'll immediately recognize the luxurious difference, knowing you’ll be making an impressive statement to the lucky pampered recipient.

If you’ve been wanting to take up the art of note writing, or have been dreading being confronted by a blank sheet, fear not. Our note cards come with a quick-read how-to, making note writing less intimidating (what do I say?), easy (why can't there just be a simple to follow template?) and - dare we say it - fun!

+ Flat card is 4.5" x 5.5"

+ Printed on substantial 120# card with an eggshell finish, which boasts a lovely hand and bright, clear color

+ Address will be printed AT NO EXTRA CHARGE on the included A2 envelopes

+ Optional pattern available on the back of the card AT NO EXTRA CHARGE

+ Optional envelope liners available